Quick Company Updates

It's pretty amazing that it's been over three months since I updated the company weblog. The lack of updates is a good indication that Audacious Software has been quite busy during that time and there has not been much time available to pen updates.

That said, here are a few things that have happened since the last post:

  1. The bulk of my bandwidth lately has been dedicated towards getting a new client off the ground and to market as quickly as possible with a new mobile innovation in the medical space that will make both doctors' and patients' lives better. I can't say too much more until it publicly launches, but it's a pretty brilliant idea and I'm working on an execution to match the concept's potential.

  2. The talk in April at ISRII about the pitfalls and challenges of doing robust widespread mobile deployments went well. When the schedule lightens up a bit, I'll post slides and commentary.

  3. I haven't written much about Passive Data Kit in the past couple of months because I've been busy preparing it for actual production scenarios instead of toy test cases. The first public deployment of the framework will happen later this month when I relaunch the Fresh Comics platform on iOS, Android, and the web.

  4. The Fresh Comics rewrite has proceeded in fits and starts, largely owing to client work that required some attention during the time I expected to work on the apps. I am aiming to release beta copies before the end of the week once I wrap up work on the personalization features. (Everything else is implemented and functioning brilliantly.)

  5. I travelled home to Northeastern New Mexico at the beginning of the month to teach 8th grade students at Des Moines High School (my own alma mater) how to build and program autonomous robots. We spent two whole school days at the beginning of the month and by the end, they had created their own autonomous robots with tactile sensing and navigation capabilities. When I get some pictures, I'll post them here. (Related: I took the Amtrak from Chicago to New Mexico. There's no better environment in which to test mobile apps because you run into all kinds of connectivity and power scenarios.)

In terms of upcoming availability, Audacious Software is currently booked into the month of July. If you're interested in discussing a potential project and a later summer start date works for you, send me an e-mail.

(Image above: An example of a Boe Bot robot. This is the same platform used in my robot construction mini-course and it's a great platform for introducing programming to kids who may have never written a line of code in their life. I can't recommend it enough. Credit: Kaj @ Wikimedia.)

This is the weblog for Audacious Software, a Chicago company specializing in native cross-platform mobile development and ubiquitous passive data collection.

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