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We work with the latest hardware, software, and techniques to create compelling and robust experiences that engage users wherever they may be: at home, in the office, or on-the-go.

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Mobile and Wearable
Software Development

Deploy full-stack systems from apps on the users' devices to your data on the server backend.

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Leverage our experience in a variety of technology sectors to craft the best strategy for your future.

Data Acquisition
and Analysis

Understand your users, be they ten or ten million. Apply these data to make your endeavor even more compelling.

Maintenance, Support,
and Modernization

Transform a venerable and reliable system into a modern marvel that engages your users everywhere.

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Recent Articles

Passive Data Disclosures: A first look at Passive Data Kit

Passive Data Disclosures: A first look at Passive Data Kit

In a prior blog post and in numerous in-person conversations, I’ve spoken about my goals for Passive Data Kit, the open source framework Audacious Software is producing to serve as the foundation for a new generation of sensor- and service-aware applications. Unlike similar frameworks, Passive Data Kit tries to balance the developer's need for passive data with the user's need to understand and control how that data is collected and used by third parties.

Quick Company Updates

Quick Company Updates

It's pretty amazing that it's been over three months since I updated the company weblog. The lack of updates is a good indication that Audacious Software has been quite busy during that time and there has not been much time available to pen updates. That said, here are a few things that have happened since the last post…

Seattle-Bound in April: ISRII 2016

Seattle-Bound in April: ISRII 2016

I just wanted to post a quick note letting folks know that I’ll be presenting at a symposium at the 8th Scientific Meeting for the International Society for Research on Internet Interventions (ISRII) from April 7 to 9 in Seattle. My presentation is titled “Scalable Data Collection in the Wild: Clinical and Practical Challenges” and will discuss some of the challenges researchers face when doing smartphone data collection in the wild. The abstract of the presentation is included below.

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